by AxeRash

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released November 30, 2015

Recoded by Love Bellinder
Mixed by Affe Piran
Written by Axe Rash




AxeRash Stockholm, Sweden

Hilda - Vocals
Jerka - Guitar
Agnes - Bass
Leo - Drums

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Track Name: Nerd bash
No cool
In high school
Now you´ve grown up
became our boss

Axe Rash Nerd Bash

Still shedding tears
Over high school years
Wanna take "nerd" back
But we got it first
Track Name: Shitfaced
Oh, have you heard
what they say about me?
That I'm a beast, an animal, drunk and rude
What? Fuck you dude

I'm peeing on cars
Bleeding from the arse
I'm immortal

I'm only really alive
When I'm out of my mind
The world is insane
So why shouldn't I

I'm hanging from a tree
Thinking I'm free
I'm stuck in my mind

You might think you're sober
But you're wasted on ideals
High on your own mind
And how good judgement feels
Track Name: I have fucking had it
Stare at the ceiling
Not even a crack
I hate this feeling
Not a single fucking crack in the ceiling

I hate my fucking life
I feel like I can´t get up
Feels like this never stops
I have fucking had it
Track Name: Drunk with powerking
Drunk with powerking
Vodka breath
Drooling mouth
Stuff it till death

Break my body
Break my bones
Pack om mass with greasy moans

My body is a temple
Tonight I'll tear it down
I'll wear a crown of fries
In a cronut pizza gown

My vegan lifestyle
Determines my death style
The only healthy diet
Fuck shit up, riot

No remorse
No repent
Fuck your raw food juice bar
Fuck you
Fuck your raw food juice bar
Track Name: Girls Girls Girls
Friday night and I need a fight
Do him good, gotta treat him rights
Deserves the pain, he deserves to bleed
All I need by my side are chicks on speed

Trick or treat, sweet to eat
Your heart out now, you piece of meat
Can smell your fear from miles away
Get on your knees, it's time to pray
Track Name: 8 hour death
15 left
8 hour work
8 hour death
Clock's ticking
Sweat dripping
I need an out
Flick the lights

9 to 5
Work on my mind
Fucks me all the time
Life puzzle
Puzzles me
How am I suppose to function?

Gotta eat
Gotta sleep
Gotta work
Gonna die
Watch me die
Track Name: Hit me in the face
Hit me in the face
Throw me in the pit
But don´t stand there talking
about how others shout quit

Force me to dive
Lift me up on stage
But don´t you kill my go
And say the scene is lame

Take the stage
Front row brawler
Take the scene
Stage dive warrior

The only way to do it is DIY
Take shit in your own hands
and let me help you out
Just talking gets you nowhere
Just a record on repeat
So mosh, dive, scream and trash
and wäää